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NeuroToxicology is a bimonthly international journal which specializes in publishing the best peer-reviewed original research papers dealing with the effects of toxic substances on the nervous system of humans and experimental animals of all ages. The Journal emphasizes papers dealing with the neurotoxic effects of environmentally significant chemical hazards, manufactured drugs and naturally occurring compounds . Papers dealing with the effects of neurotoxicants on other systems (e.g., reproductive, endocrine, immune) or processes (e.g., metabolic) are also welcome.

NeuroToxicology recognizes the diverse backgrounds and interests of scientists who work in these areas and encourages the participation of all. Areas of special emphasis and interest - both basic and applied - have been identified; they include: neuropathology, neurophysiology, neurochemistry, neuropharmacology, neurology, behavioral toxicology, developmental neurotoxicology, psychiatry, toxicology, epidemiology, psychology, neuroteratology,behavioral teratology, risk assessment and regulatory issues. Papers reporting interdisciplinary studies are especially welcome. Papers reporting any effects of known neurotoxicants are welcome.

Journals prior to 2001 were published by Intox Press.
All back issues
[Vol. 1 (1979) through Vol. 21 (2000)]
are available from Intox Press.

Journals published after 2001 are published by Elsevier and are available on-line.

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